Shira Nayman Consulting

A full-service qualitative research firm that brings deep consumer insights to branding and other marketing initiatives across a wide range of categories.

Shira Nayman, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

After completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Cornell University-NY Hospital in psychiatry in 1989, Dr. Nayman joined Strategic Frameworking, Inc., where she has been a principal since 1992. She founded her own company, Shira Nayman Consulting, in July 2012, upon the closing of SFI with retirement of SFI founder, Dwight Jewson, Ph.D.

Over the past 24 years, Shira has undertaken all levels of qualitative research, from focus groups and interviews to ethnographic studies and cultural analysis. She was instrumental in the design of SFI’s proprietary research model, “guided emotional mapping,” which we have successfully used in major brand development endeavors for many of our clients. This research technique explores the deep, underlying emotional and psychological domains that “map” onto consumers’ “deep” experience with specific products and services in the marketplace.