Great Brand Marketing Is Great Storytelling

Great marketers know that underneath the clutter and turbulence of remarkable changes in our world, there is deep ground on which human feet are planted: the need to trust, to love, to care, to comfort, to develop; they “thank goodness” there are so many and wonderful deep truths around what it is to be human.

Great stories are grounded in deep human truth and their intersection with the ever evolving, unfolding culture in which we live.

Great Brands live at that intersection—and that means the story they tell about their “place” and that intersection must be real and true.  If it’s not, the story looks and feels false because it is false.

Creativity is seeing, finding, giving form to timeless truths in ways that let us see and feel and touch and hear the true, raw power in those timeless truths today—not its vapid and varnished imitation.

As psychologists we have strong insight into the timeless truths of being human

As storytellers we have strong insight into what makes a story compelling and irresistible