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River is the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who travels back in time, and across continents, encountering her maternal forebears when they were her age. From the Australian Outback, where she meets a young Aboriginal man, to brutal, racist South Africa during World War II, to the midst of a pogrom in Lithuania, and then all the way back to the Babylon of biblical times, Emily has deep encounters with the young women she meets, as well as with the history that shapes them—and ultimately, the histories that have mysteriously and yet powerfully shaped her own soul.

“I’m shaken by Shira Nayman’s brilliant and mystical stories."

Ursula Hegi

"There is breathtaking storytelling here, replete with psychological detail and stunning clarity."

Library Journal

“It is to Nayman’s great credit that her subtle handling of extremely dramatic material allows the reader to be deeply moved without feeling manipulated."

San Francisco Chronicle

“Nayman’s stories hauntingly and beautifully unveil the depths of her characters. Each story is full of twists and secrets, yet each has an openess that makes history immediate. "

Book Passage

Meet Shira

Born in South Africa, Shira Nayman grew up in Australia and lives in Brooklyn with her husband. She is a clinical psychologist, and has also worked as a marketing consultant.

Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Atlantic Monthly, The Georgia Review, New England Review, and Boulevard. She is the recipient of three year-long grants from the Australia Council for the Arts Literature Board, and is a recent MacDowell Fellow.

Shira Nayman

Other books

Awake in the Dark

Bold and deeply affecting, Awake in the Dark is a provocative and haunting work of fiction about who we are and how we are formed by history. These luminous stories portray the contemporary lives of the children of Holocaust victims and perpetrators as they struggle with the legacy of their parents.

The Listener

Set against the backdrop of the insanity of war, The Listener explores the havoc historical trauma plays with the psyche, and illuminates the uncertain boundary between sanity and insanity. Shira Nayman’s storytelling is mesmerizing. The Listener is a riveting tale of madness, mystery, and passion that excavates the dark corners of the human heart and mind. It is a work of rare depth and power

The Mind of Winter

A Mind of Winter is a complex, page-turning, literary psychological thriller, which takes up a rich array of themes: the ways in which we choose our beliefs and build our lives around them; the self-deceptive shadings that undulate within; the moral ambiguities of being an artist; and the ways in which socio-historical circumstances inevitably bite into and shape personal identity and destiny.

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