books by shira

New book coming Fall 2024

Shoreline, A Memoir: Meditations on Love, Loss and Transcendence, will be published by Guernica World Editions in Fall, 2024


River is the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who travels back in time, and across continents, encountering her maternal forbears when they were her age. Emily learns the histories that have mysteriously and yet powerfully shaped her own soul.

Awake in the Dark

Bold and deeply affecting, Awake in the Dark is a provocative and haunting work of fiction about who we are and how we are formed by history. 

The Listener

Set against the backdrop of the insanity of war, The Listener explores the havoc historical trauma plays with the psyche, and illuminates the uncertain boundary between sanity and insanity. 

The Mind of Winter

A Mind of Winter is a complex, page-turning, literary psychological thriller, which takes up a rich array of themes: the ways in which we choose our beliefs and build our lives and the ways in which circumstances inevitably shape personal identity and destiny.

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